• U.S. Army Aircrew Wings Challenge Coin NTM-48688


    Army Aircrew are the ones involved in “up close and personal” aviation.  They are the ones supporting attack and ground support helicopters, medevac and troop transport helicopters, crews flying into the jaws of Hell under fire to find the landing zone, or performing sling extractions under the worst possible nighttime combat conditions.  They are the Crew Chiefs and Jump Chiefs who hold the fate of air warriors in their hands, but who earn their confidence through dedication, bravery, and just plain “guts.”  They are the Medics trained to save lives when inserted into combat zones under the most extreme field conditions.

    If you were or are an Army aircrew “Air Warrior” fighting to preserve Liberty and compete the mission, carry this unique US ARMY AIRCREW challenge coin, and display it with pride. 

    This bold US ARMY AIRCREW challenge coin is minted in a very durable nickel alloy, using “splash” dies that provide deep relief on the coin face. The front is the Army wings surrounded by UNITED STATES ARMY—AIRCREW.  The reverse is a representation of the Great Seal surrounded by UNITED STATES ARMY, surrounded by laurel leaves.  It is brushed with an antique finish.