• Supermarine Spitfire Gyro Horizon Bookstand OFF-0106

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    Genuine WWII aviation artifact. The instrument's face measures 3 1/2". This is the real deal and retains original markings including "DO NOT JAR...HANDLE LIKE EGGS."

    This British Supermarine Spitfire Gyro Horizon Bookstand was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary (1936-1986) of the Spitfire, and has a placard proclaiming such. The gyro and block of wood will be separately wrapped and shipped together. You will be required to assemble it. (Remove a machine screw and attach with a longer one provided.) Since it is not hooked up to a power source, the horizon will tend to assume random attitudes. Some gyros may be stamped with post WWII rebuild dates. We have a good inventory of these. Stock photo is representative of the lot, but not necessarily the item you will receive.