• Sam Lyons Print, Return from Rimini LS-1057


    Sam's first B-25! This print is a tribute to a hero. On Sept. 9, 1944, Major Robert McCart Hackney led a 48-plane formation in an attack on enemy troop and gun positions near Rimini, Italy. His heroic actions and success in this dangerous mission resulted in a Distinguished Flying Cross, one of several he was awarded during the course of his 55 combat missions. His plane was named “Cowtown Avenger” after his hometown of Fort Worth, and you can see him in the pilot’s seat. The Major died in 2001 but this picture is a magnificent reminder of his outstanding courage and devotion to duty. The original of “Return From Rimini” was commissioned by Neil Planzer and his wife Andrea Nash, Hackney’s niece. Measures 16" X 24". Edition size: 250. Signed and numbered.