• Sam Lyons Print, Racing for Home LS-1071


    As with most of Sam’s pictures, “Racing for Home” has an entertaining story behind its creation. The idea for the piece began 15 years ago when he did a sketch on a restaurant napkin. The quick sketch went into his idea file and there it sat. Fast forward to 2009. One of Sam’s most loyal customers was due for his yearly commission. Buddy Stallings is head of Eastern Aviation Fuels, the nationwide distributor for Shell aviation products. He wanted to feature a Cub in this year’s original painting so Sam put on his thinking cap and pulled out his idea file. That’s how “Racing for Home” came to life. The pretty yellow Piper Cub is heading in the same direction as the 1951 Chevy truck (which is actually Sam’s truck) and their destination is the old-fashioned red barn and grass strip up the road. Measures 22" X 17 1/2". Edition size: 300. Signed and numbered.