• Radial Engine, Kinetic Art by Bradley N. Litwin ART-0115

    $96.00 $72.00

    Measures 6" X 5" with wood base.

    MechaniCardsĀ® are miniature, hand-operated, kinetic sculptures, designed and produced in limited edition by Bradley N. Litwin. Each one is hand made, numbered and signed by the artist. They are constructed primarily from paperboard, with a few bits of wood, metal, or plastic. They make excellent gifts, and are suitable for mailing as truly unique greeting cards. Each piece comes with complete instructions and display recommendations.

    Special note from Bruce Johnson, Product Manager,, LLC:

    Frankly, we are at a loss to adequately describe the wonder/appeal of this piece of kinetic art. Any aviation enthusiast will be charmed and amused by its operation. Not inexpensive, it is a pure extravagance as a gift for that special person or as a conversation piece. A true work of art.

    A walnut finished wood display base isĀ available for an additional $18.00. (See photos #2 & 3)