Michael Short Print, B-17 & P-47 "Answered Prayers"


L/E of 450
S/N by the Artist & One Pilot
Image Size: 24.5" x 16.25"
Paper Size: 30" x 22.25"

Plane Type: B-17 Flying Fortress & P-47 Thunderbolt

With two of his four engines out of commission, Capt. Jerry Osadnick is nursing his badly wounded B-17 back from a bombing run on a Messerschmitt factory in Augsburg, Germany, April 13, 1944. As they approached the Dover cliffs, two P-47's of the 375th FG appeared, and escorted them in. As they landed the plane, the #3 propeller fell off on the ground!!

Personally autographed by B-17 pilot Capt. Jerry Osadnick