Keith Ferris Print, P-51 Mustang "Nowotny's Final Encounter"


Flying his crippled Messerschmitt 262 and heading for home, ace Walter Nowotny is caught by Lt. Edward R. "Buddy" Hayden

258 victory Luftwaffe ace Walter Nowotny loses control of his Me 262 fighter and plunges to his death right under the nose of the pursuing P-51 Mustang of Lieutenant Edward (Buddy) R. Hayden of the 357th Fighter Group on 8 November 1944.

Nowotny was Commander of the World's first jet fighter unit. His loss is credited to both Hayden and Captain Ernest C. Fiebelkorn of the 20th Fighter Group who had fired at him earlier. He was probably the victim of a self induced accelerated stall. Signed and numbered. Edition size: 850. Paper size: 25" X 18 1/2".