• Guillow's North American Aviation B-25 Mitchell Balsa Wood Model Airplane Kit GUI-805

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    Beautiful large scale balsa model is a small but faithful replica of the original. Here is model building worthy of the time and effort. This kit contains the highest quality materials and instructions that have made Guillow kits the "Best in Balsa".

    Wingspan: 26 1/2". Scale: 1:32. Age: 14+. Skill Level: Advanced. Build Time: 45+ Hours.

     The B-25 Mitchell was one of the most outstanding medium bombers of WWII. Conceived in mid-1939, the first production model flew in August 1940 and the first operational success was scored on December 24, 1941 with the destruction of a Japanese submarine. In April 1942, sixteen B-25s made a historic raid on Tokyo operating from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet under the command of General Doolittle, a raid that did little damage, but gave the U.S. a psychological lift during the early days of the Pacific Ocean hostilities. During the war years, the RAF, the Soviet Union, China Union, Brazil and the Netherlands also used the B-25. The “H” version with 16 guns and a 75mm cannon was the most lethal twin-engine bomber of WWII.

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