• Guillow's General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon Balsa Wood Model Airplane GUI-1403

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    This non-flying "Build 'n Show" scale construction kit offers an interesting alternative to the wide range of plastic models offered to hobby fans. Built as "skeleton" model (as shown on box) this kit makes an impressive balsa airplane display piece. Tissue covered and decorated with decal insignia (tissue and decals included), the model is an eye-catching replica of its namesake. The results are certain to please both the beginner and advanced model builder.

    Kit includes easy step-by-step instructions and photos that clearly show how to assemble a stunning display piece. The plans are divided into individual work segments, arranged in easy-to-understand alpha-numerical order. Also, an information sheet covering the basic techniques of balsa model building is enclosed.


    Wingspan: 12 1/8". Scale: 1:30. Age: 14+. Skill Level: Intermediate. Build Time: 15+ Hours.


    Considered by many to be one of the best fighter planes ever designed, the F-16A Fighting Falcon, was the winner of an Air Force competition in 1975 for a lightweight, low-cost fighter aircraft. During preproduction tests, the F-16A exceeded the specifications set forth by the Air Force for speed, climb, maneuverability and reliability. In a “sale of the century” NATO updated its air arm with the F-16A.

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