• Guillow's Consolidated PBY Catalina Balsa Wood Model Airplane Kit GUI-2004

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    Flown by most Allied Forces in World War II, the PBY Catalina became the most successful wartime flying boat because of its flight range, carrying capacity and ability to land on any reasonable body of calm water. From the attack on Pearl Harbor through war’s end, the PBY saw service in nearly every combat theater around the globe. From icy Greenland and Alaska, to the steaming tropics of the South Pacific, many personnel of downed bombers owed their lives to at-sea rescues by PBY’s. A Giant Scale build and show model with the features, detail, and quality that Guillow’s is known for. Can be built as a PBY-5A with floats and gear extended or a PBY-5A with floats and gear retracted or a PBY-5 float plane only. Made in the USA.

    For ages 14 and up. Scale: 1/28th Wingspan: 45 1/2”. Build time: 60+ hours for the experienced modeler 

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