• Guillow's Cessna L-19 (OE-1) Bird Dog Balsa Wood Model Airplane Kit GUI-902

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    Sleek rubber band powered model for indoor or outdoor flying. Built light, this is a great flyer with ample wing area and effective rubber motor/propeller combination. Kit contains top quality balsa, plastic nose cowl, canopy and decals.

    Wingspan: 18". Scale: 1:24. Age: 14+. Skill Level: Beginner. Build Time: 15+ Hours

    Originally designated the L-19, The Bird Dog went into production in 1950 and was used during the Korean campaign as a liaison airplane by Army Field Forces to spot the enemy's troop concentrations, direct ground operations, carry ammunition, and evacuate wounded. It returned to production in 1962 and designated the 0-1E, the Bird Dog gained fame anew as a “FAC” airplane (forward air controller) in the Vietnam War where it was very effective in spotting and directing fire against the enemy forces.

    We are proud to be an authorized Guillow’s Dealer, producing quality balsa wood toy airplanes in the USA since 1926.