• Guillow's Beechcraft Musketeer Flying Model Balsa Wood Kit GUI-308

    $38.99 $35.09

    Whether built for scale or contest flying, this balsa wood airplane represents the finest in design and flight capability. Can be flown using either the rubber band motor included or converted to gas engine or electric motor. (Instructions for using gas or electric power supplied in kit.) Now with laser cut parts! Made in the USA.


    Wingspan: 20". Scale: 1:20. Age: 14+. Skill Level: Intermediate. Build Time: 20+ Hours.


    The first Beech designed airplanes appeared in the mid 1920s and since that time the Beech Aircraft Corporation has grown into a world notable enterprise. The all-metal, low wing, fixed gear Musketeer represented a major advancement in low cost commuter planes of its day. Designed with honeycomb wing construction and one piece stabilizer, the Musketeer has the operating simplicity, handling ease and gentle stall characteristics that are the trademark of all Beechcraft airplanes.

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