• Guillow's Aeronca Champion 85 Balsa Wood Model Airplane Kit GUI-301LC

    $36.99 $33.29

    Whether built for scale or contest flying, this balsa wood airplane represents the finest in design and flight capability. Can be flown using either the rubber band motor included or converted to gas engine or electric motor. (Instructions for using gas or electric power supplied in kit.) Now with laser cut parts! Proudly made in the USA.

    Wingspan: 24". Scale: 1:18. Age: 14+. Skill Level: Intermediate. Build Time: 20+ Hours

    In laying out the configuration of the Champ, designer Ray Hermes took square aim at his primary competition, the J-3 Cub, which by that time, was nearly a decade old. He made a list of every one of the Cub's shortcomings and designed them out of his new airplane. The original manufacturer of the Aeronca Champion sold the business to their successor, the Champion Aircraft Corp., who produced over 8,000 of this ubiquitous personal airplane. Aeroncas have been a common site on American airports for many years and rival the Piper Cubs for popularity.

    We are proud to be an authorized Guillow’s Dealer, producing quality balsa wood toy airplanes in the USA since 1926.