• Friend or Foe WWII Aircraft Identification Balsa Wood Model Kit MDL-0102

    These kits are from original WWII drawings with additional instructions and assembly photo sheet. They originated in Great Britain in 1939 when it became apparent that the anti-aircraft gunners, pilots, observers, etc. could not tell from a distance whether or not an aircraft was a friend or foe. These kits are made from solid balsa and take dedication and skill to build properly. Originally, most of these silhouette identification models were produced in the U.S. and in Great Britain by high school shop students who then donated them as training aids. They were not die-cast plastic but real wood. They were not "assembled", but fashioned by human hands.

    These kits, when completed, are real works of art. Most modelers should be able to build one in 8 to 10 hours. We currently have four different model kits available: P-51 Mustang, A6M Zero, Spitfire and Bf-109. Tools required: Coping saw, whittling knife, and sandpaper. Glue is included. Made in the USA.

    With each kit, we are including a deck of WWII Spotter Cards. These Bicycle Brand cards are produced in the USA, by the original manufacturer, from the original plates dating to 1942. These were used as a passive training tool during WWII.