• Complete Series of 4 Build-N-Fly Balsa Wood Airplanes + Bonus GRP-0135

    $82.25 $69.91

    Included are four Guillow's beginner kits at graduated skill levels, plus a bonus pack of two Jetfire glider stunt planes:

    • Skill level 1  Goldwing  Wingspan 11 1/2"  Build time  2+ hrs.
    • Skill level 2  Cadet  Wingspan 17"   Build time  4+ hrs.
    • Skill level 3  Cloud Buster  Wingspan 17"  Build time 6+ hrs.
    • Skill level 4  Fly-Boy  Wingspan 21"  Build time 8+ hrs.
    • Two bonus Jetfire gliders  Wingspan 12"

      Each kit contains very easy to follow step-by-step plans, building materials and "power package" (where needed) to assemble an attractive model with excellent flying characteristics. The short build times will have you in the air fast.  Made in the USA by Paul K. Guillow, Inc., your number one source for balsa wood model airplanes since 1927.