• Cockpit Style Alarm Clock Desk Display with Pen/Pencil Holder PI-0110


    This desk display features a Trintec cockpit style battery powered quartz alarm clock and a facsimile cockpit instrument. (The instrument may randomly be: airspeed, gyro horizon, altitude, compass, turn and bank, or rate of climb.) Display measures 12 1/2" by 6 3/4" by 5 1/2" deep.  Interesting back story:  The craftsman who hand builds these displays once serviced KC-135s for the Air Force. Pilots would use grease pencils (just like the one included in this display) to write flight information on their side window. They tended to store the grease pencil in the finger hole for the window slide, creating an impairment to using the window for emergency evacuation. So, grease pen holders, just like the one on this display, were fabricated to alleviate this issue. Hand crafted in the USA.