Burt Mader Print "Maytag Messerschmitts" Piper L-4 ART-0117


Two Piper L-4's temporarily landed at a roadside field in 1943. A.W. Schultz, artillery spotter plane pilot of Piper L-4, confers with an enlisted tank commander in a temporary field on the way to Cassino, Italy. Piper L-4's were wartime "Cubs," built by the thousands for liaison and artillery spotting. The term "Maytag Messerschmitts" was one of endearment: the little 65 horsepower tube-and-fabric machine could call down overwhelming shelling, far more fearsome than any mere fighter plane. 19" X 14" image on 24" X 20" archival stock. Signed and numbered. Edition size 750.