• Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Instrument Panel INS-0102

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    This is an outstanding reproduction of a late B-17G Flying Fortress instrument panel as built by Boeing. All instrumentation, lights, fluorescent light control rheostats, toggle switches, and magneto switches are authentic WW II items as removed from B-17s being scrapped at Kingman, Arizona at the end of the war. All panel items, including the main panel wood and phenolic parts, are produced from original Boeing drawings. The cabinet of the main instrument panel is built the same way Boeing did it during WW II. All panel frame parts are rabbeted together and fully glued, giving a tremendously strong assembly similar to an aircraft wing. This is authentic because the “G” units had a plywood cabinet with phenolic front panels. Includes a proper altimeter correction card dated 09/02/1944. Measures 54" X 18 3/4" X 8" deep. Made in the USA.

    There are no radium dial instruments used in this panel.
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