• B-17 Radio Destruct/Cockpit Clock Desk Set by Aviation Flying Furniture OFF-0106


    These desk sets are designed by Aviation Flying Furniture, and hand-built by the craftsmen in our aircraft restoration hanger. The 3" diameter cockpit-style alarm clock is by Trintec and features a U.S. made quartz movement. The radio destruct switch box is a 76+ year-old "new old stock" WWII relic, still in its original packaging.  Made in the USA.

    Per the Army Signal Corps museum:

    “The SCR-695 IFF Set, Mark III (BC-706, 765, 767, 958, 965, 966); Iband, 157-187 Mhz and G-Band, 200 Mhz  is an airborne IFF radio equip when used in conjunction w/certain remote interrogating equipment such as ground or airborne interrogator-responder equipment or radar equipment. This set permits aircraft in which it is installed to identify itself as friendly.

    From a WWII Navy Radar Operator’s Manual:


    “There is always the possibility of aircraft being forced down or shot down with the ABK itself still in an undamaged or repairable condition. To guard against this contingency, a detonator is installed in every ABK unit. This detonator or "destructor" is an explosive charge inserted into the side of the cabinet. When exploded, it can destroy the insides of the unit so completely that it is impossible for the enemy to determine what the resulting wreckage originally was.

    Composed of thermite, the charge can be set off without rupturing the case, and though the terrific heat melts everything already blown up, it cannot injure the pilot who sets it off nor can it damage or set fire to the plane. It does a thorough job of guarding the security of this important IFF unit.


    “The designers made certain that the detonator would function regardless of the fate of the crew of the airplane. The pilot has two switches to push to explode the demolition charge if he must land on hostile ground, so that the foe is rewarded only with a picture of destruction when he attempts to investigate IFF. If all the crew are killed, an impact switch does the job for them. It sets off the destructor when the plane crashes.