• AS-114 Countermeasure Antenna Assembly I-PI-0103

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    This new old stock antenna was used in the Radar Set AN/APT-4 for countermeasure tactics.  Mounted on the fuselage of a B-24 or B-29 bomber, perhaps others, it was used as a high- power jamming transmitter of sufficient power to screen a large bomber within two miles of enemy radar systems operating within its frequency band of 350-800 mc.  It was originally designed for use against German radar systems such as Rhubarb, Liechtenstein, and Wurzburgs.  Production started in 1944.

    It is packed in its original carton, and in exceptional condition given its age.  The paint on the tip of antenna is slightly worn off.  Measures 25 in long.  Photo #3 show this model antenna as installed on the Enola Gay.  Made in the USA by the Camfield Manufacturing Company, Grand Haven, Michigan.