How We Got Started

World War II saw the advent of daylight bombing with four engine B-17s and B-24s. Of the thousands of these bombers that were built, very few remain today. During the war there were 8,680 B-17Gs, 3,405 B-17Fs, and only 512 B-17Es built. Today there are approximately 43 B-17s left in the world. Of these, there exists numerous F and G models, some of them still flying. There is only one B-17D model, that is located at the Smithsonian's Paul Graber Restoration Facility. Two E models exist along with 5 P-38s under 260 feet of ice in Greenland. There is also a derelict E in Bolivia, as well as one in New Guinea. There is one more E model, serial number 41-2595, and it is currently undergoing restoration near Marengo, Illinois.